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Retail Industry

The retail industry has endured a significant amount of change in recent years. From supply chain issues, inflation, and employee retention to the heavy influence of consumer values concerning social, economic, and environmental consciousness, retailers have faced unpredictable challenges that have caused the industry to shift in response.

Global Network of Experts

Through Antea®Group ‘s founding membership in Inogen Alliance, we have a global network of environment, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) resources and in-country experts. Our retail-focused, multidisciplinary teams work cohesively and responsively anywhere in the world to help enhance your EHS&S performance, support your core business, bolster employee retention, and protect your brand. By leveraging our membership in the Inogen Alliance, we can offer clients local, in-country teams who truly understand the EHS&S landscape. For clients with limited resources, we can provide global coverage through one point of contact for EHS&S projects. 

Our Approach

Encompassing topics such as global logistics and distribution for e-commerce operations, front- and back-of-house safety, and more, we can help your company build an effective retail EHS&S program that will become a cornerstone to your customer experience – bolstering your brand reputation, creating places where your customers feel safe, and positioning you at the top of an increasingly competitive market. We have a flexible approach and provide tailored services to fit your specific needs.

Antea Group provides scalable services that could be as simple as answering a regulatory question to providing in-store support around the world. Regardless of where you are in your EHS&S maturity journey, we can help develop and implement specific management programs that meet or exceed regulatory and performance requirements across global platforms.

Our EHS Retail Solutions

We have a unique set of solutions and usually start with RiskRight EHS for lower-risk retail environments but can service the entire value chain for retail clients. We have supported environment, health, and safety (EHS) projects within retail stores, distribution centers, offices, and manufacturing facilities including supply chain support. We understand the importance of integrating EHS and compliance into a retail culture and can provide on-demand resources globally when needed.

Having an effective EHS management system allows retailers to demonstrate their dedication to an impactful safety culture for employees. Whether your current management system aligns with a recognized standard such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or is specific to your individual business to address workplace hazards, or if your organization isn’t currently implementing a management system, we can support the development, assessment, and implementation of a management system as needed for your company.

Management systems are just one of the many EHS services Antea Group offers to our retail clients. We have supported Fortune 100 retailers and other distinguished retail and e-commerce brands with the following EHS services:

  • Development of EHS programs
  • EHS audits and assessments
  • Development of safety guidelines for retail stores
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring program development and implementation
  • EHS training development and delivery
  • Ergonomic assessments (retail, warehouse, and manufacturing settings)
  • Legal register development
  • ...and more!

Take a walk through a retail store to dicover common health and safety hazards and how you can address them. Click through the blue and geen buttons to read more about each hazard: 


Sustainability & ESG in Retail

We have supported many of our retail clients on their sustainability journey, including decarbonization and environment, social, and governance (ESG) support, and recognize the growing importance to customers and shareholders.

Customers have become more aware of environmental and social concerns and are choosing to spend money with retailers that align with their personal values. We understand that sustainability and ESG can be overwhelming without assistance, and that is why we are here to help you.

We follow a pragmatic approach to developing an ESG strategy using seven steps that are easy to understand and allow you to integrate sustainability and ESG into your business. With increased awareness of ESG by customers and shareholders, it is important to learn what they find valuable. This can be done by performing an in-depth materiality assessment that reaches out to all stakeholders to help you determine which ESG topics are most “material” (important) to them. This is one of the foundational steps we perform with clients that are beginning their ESG journey.

No matter where you are on your sustainability and ESG journey, communicating your sustainability and ESG efforts is key for retailers. Your stakeholders and customers want to know what you are doing in terms of sustainability and ESG so they can make informed decisions regarding which retailers align with their values. No one is expecting you to have all the answers or to achieve net zero emissions overnight, but stakeholders do want to understand what your plans are and the progress you have made toward your goal. This communication generally comes in the form of an annual sustainability report. Our corporate reporting and disclosure team has developed meaningful narratives for numerous sustainability reports to be personalized for your business.

Wherever you are on your sustainability and ESG journey, Antea Group is able to help.

EHSxRetail Industry Group & Events

In the complex world of retail, EHS&S issues are increasingly important. EHSxRetail is a peer group that was formed in order to provide participants with the unique opportunity to identify industry best practices, network with peers in an open atmosphere, and work to raise the profile of EHS, ESG, and sustainability in retail settings.

Learn more about EHSxRetail

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