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climate change and carbon management
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Understanding Potential Climate Impacts and Creating Solutions

In a world where climate change and carbon management can impact every part of the business and supply chain, business as usual is no longer an option. Antea®Group recognizes the need for our clients to understand local conditions and potential impacts to your business, align strategies with regional and national targets, and implement creative solutions for long-term resiliency and competitive advantage.  

Our team has technical and management consulting expertise to develop climate change and carbon solutions that are fit-for-purpose to ensure your needs are met on every assignment. Our proven strategies and models integrate climate change, energy, and water security perspectives that create synergies, drive business value, and can take your climate change adaptation and carbon management programs to the next level. 

Our Climate Change and Carbon Management Services

  • Climate Change Business Risk Review (Droughts, Floods, Landslides)

  • Watershed Assessments

  • Facility Optimization Assessments (Carbon, Energy, Water, Waste)

  • Drought Monitoring and Contingency Planning

  • Product and Business Carbon Footprints

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories and Management Plans

  • Renewable and Alternative Energy Analysis

  • Carbon Scenario Planning

  • Science-Based Targets

  • Regulatory and Policy Analysis

  • National Carbon Commitment Alignment

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