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EHS Passport for a Global Retail Company


A United States retail company was expanding its business into Latin America and Asia. The company required Antea Group’s assistance in ensuring that the new locations were in compliance with the host country’s rules and regulations to ensure a smooth store opening. 


To best address the client’s need, Antea Group employed its EHS Passport service and, through the support of the Inogen Alliance, was able to provide the client with local experts well-versed in the host county’s rules and regulations, EHS best practices, business trends, and the cultural nuances that could affect the store’s opening and normal operations. 


The EHS Passport reports were compiled and submitted to the client, highlighting country-specific cultural differences, EHS regulatory requirements, and EHS best practices and trends. Based upon the findings from the EHS Passport studies, the in-country experts identified EHS concerns and differences that could potentially be barriers during the planning and opening of the new locations. These potential concerns included: language, culture of time, corruption, security, the lack of clear and consistent EHS rules and regulations, and permitting. By identifying and preparing for these country-specific roadblocks the associated risks, such as negative perception of the client’s brand and potential loss of revenue, were mitigated. 

The client was so pleased with the information and findings that they immediately requested these services be provided in advance of opening any new retail store in a foreign location.

Learn more about EHS Passport here.

Planning an expansion? Check out our interactive EHS Passport site to get the information you need to guide your next adventure.

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