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Supporting a Global Beauty Industry Client in Zero Waste to Landfill Goal

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Supporting a Global Beauty Industry Client in Zero Waste to Landfill Goal


A global Beauty industry client sought support in making progress towards their corporate Zero Waste to Landfill goals in their distribution centers. The distribution centers within the client’s value chain were positioned in a variety of unique global locations with diverse waste vendor capabilities and infrastructural challenges. With the help of our Inogen Alliance partners, Antea Group performed Zero Waste to Landfill assessments at the facilities. The aim of this work was to identify the best possible solutions for landfill avoidance and innovative opportunities for best practices in sustainable waste management.


Antea Group worked with local Inogen Alliance experts to perform Zero Waste to Landfill assessments. These assessments evaluated the waste management practices in distribution centers across 8 countries. Inogen Alliance assessors used their local knowledge to provide unique insights into waste management challenges and opportunities which helped to better inform client decisions associated with waste management. Assessment reports included regulatory considerations and opportunities to redirect certain waste streams to better align with the Waste Hierarchy. They also provided suggestions for waste vendor management to ensure a complete picture of all waste streams from on-site waste pick-up to the final destination of the waste for processing. 


Zero Waste to Landfill assessments in the distribution centers were valuable both for the corporate team’s understanding of local performance, as well as for local team education and capacity building. Local teams received training to help them accurately report on waste data which is later used by the corporate team for annual environmental reporting. The work successfully helped the client’s distribution centers to improve waste management practices and reporting in a way that directly linked to their strategic sustainability goals. Antea Group’s consistent global support through Inogen Alliance has been leveraged to further support several of the global teams as they work towards continuous improvement on their Zero Waste journey.

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