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EHS Support for Warehouse, Fulfillment & Distribution

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EHS Support for Warehouse, Fulfillment & Distribution

Driven by the widespread adoption of e-commerce, warehouse construction is set to break records for the foreseeable future as manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers seek to expand their footprints across the globe. With this expansion, it’s important not to lose sight of the EHS risks commonly related to warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution operations.

In many cases, companies can’t find space fast enough and developers can’t build facilities quick enough to meet demand. In this race for space, environmental due diligence and permitting can often be overlooked – especially given the trend towards urban-area warehouses that often require teardowns and extensive renovation of older facilities. Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports U.S. warehouses have a disproportionately high accident rate compared to other sectors. That’s because warehouses are active environments and hazards can change from moment to moment, depending on the tasks employees are performing, the equipment they’re using, and the materials they’re handling. Failing to control these risks can lead to high employee turnover, decreased productivity, legal and reputation issues – and at worst, injury or fatality.

Reducing Risk, Improving Resiliency

At Antea Group, we understand the EHS complexities and breadth of unique risks inherent to owning and operating warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution assets. Unsafe use of machinery, improper handling and storage of products and returned goods, inadequate fire safety provisions, high employee turnover combined with lack of formalized safety training, and repetitive motion injuries are just some of the hazards that can make warehouses a dangerous working environment.

Through our 35 years of experience, we are well-positioned to deliver EHS support across facility site selection, construction, permitting, operations, maintenance, and decommissioning activities – ultimately reducing company risk and improving business resiliency. We have written EHS programs and procedures specific to warehouse, fulfillment and distribution facilities and have also helped our clients incorporate ESG goals into their operations. Lastly, our global reach through Inogen Alliance means that we can mobilize quickly anywhere in the world using local resources that understand local regulations.

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