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Legal Industry

When resources and reputations are at stake, effective environmental litigation support involves much more than technical expertise. Successful support requires the ability to educate, contribute to trial strategy and present facts in both a concise and understandable way.

Legal Support That Wins Cases

For the past 30 years, Antea Group has provided expert testimony and litigation support services for contaminant issues including timing, release mechanisms, migration and transport concerns, remediation, cost allocation, liability and natural resource damages cases across the United States for chemical, manufacturing, and oil industry clients, among others.

For Both Large and Small Contamination Events

We have thorough understanding of environmental regulations, noncompliance issues, and agency predetermined and tiered penalty structures for both small and large contamination events.

Through the appointment of dedicated teams with the best blend of staff to provide both cost effectiveness as well as the right amount and level of senior technical expertise, we work responsively to review and assimilate large quantities of data, identify gaps in information, conduct environmental forensic fieldwork, interpret regulations and organize technical conclusions to support the over-arching legal strategy. If litigation ensues, we stand ready to provide expert witnesses in the geology, hydrogeology, contaminant conditions, health and safety, and engineering fields to present testimony as needed.

Antea Group approaches expert witness and litigation support services with mindful recognition of the varying degrees of sophistication among opposing counsels, judges and juries, with the intent of making difficult subject matter easier to absorb, while maintaining the technical integrity of the work product and testimony.

Additional Legal Industry Services

  • Trial Discovery and Document Review
  • Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Risk and Financial Industries

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