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EHS Auditing and Compliance
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EHS Auditing and Compliance

Our experts take you beyond compliance to help you strengthen and optimize your business.

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Addressing EHS Issues

Corporate governance, risk management, operational integrity and regulatory compliance are demanding challenges that companies face in today’s ever-evolving business environment. More than ever, addressing these environmental, health and safety (EHS) management issues is critical to sustaining operational performance and efficiency. Equally important is the role properly deployed compliance strategies play in upholding shareholder and stakeholder confidence.

Strengthening Business Operations

By combining proven processes, innovative tools, and a wealth of multi-sector expertise, Antea®Group provides solutions that strengthen and optimize business operations. We develop and implement client-specific EHS management programs that meet or exceed regulatory and performance requirements while assuring conformance with codes of cunduct and desired performance across global platforms.

Right People, Right Time, Right Place

We consistently deliver high client satisfaction by engaging the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our proactive and well-practiced consultants go beyond simple results reporting to define root causes, deliver process improvements, and facilitate training, which ultimately minimizes liability exposure. Our goal is to deliver a measurable return for our clients through sustained Environmental, Health, and Safety excellence.

Environmental Compliance Checklist

Check in with your organization’s environmental regulatory compliance status. Companies no longer have the benefit of enforcement discretion when operational interruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic affect the organization’s ability to comply with environmental regulations. Download our 2022 list of environmental regulatory topics and reminders on associated compliance obligations:


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