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Commitment to Wellness
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Empowering our employees’ ability to thrive.

Our Employee Wellness Commitment

To help employees thrive professionally and personally, Antea®Group offers a holistic, mind-body-life approach to employee wellbeing that encompasses three wellness pillars: emotional wellness, physical wellness, and financial wellness.

Built from this comprehensive foundation, our Wellness Program offers support for all aspects of our employees’ lives. At Antea Group, we care deeply about the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees. Our pillars of wellness offer the tools, programs, and encouragement to help employees be their best selves not only at work, but also with their families and friends, and in their daily activities.

Our Emotional Wellness Pillar

  • We teach mindfulness practices and techniques

  • We offer stress management resources, mental wellbeing webinars, and personal coaching

  • We support caregivers of aging parents with resources and coping skills

  • We assist victims of identity theft, fraud and other crimes, helping them navigate associated legal issues

  • We offer behavioral and mental health counseling for individuals and families

  • We promote a healthy work-life integration with our flexible work environment and paid time off policies

Our Physical Wellness Pillar

  • We support early detection and disease prevention with in-office health screenings and flu-shots

  • We offer access to mindful eating programs and promote healthy food options at all company-sponsored events

  • We offer gym membership rebates

  • We offer access to insomnia and sleep treatment programs

  • We offer smoking cessation tools

  • We encourage inter-company activity-based team building events and challenges

  • We maintain an extensive online learning center of health resources

Our Financial Wellness Pillar

  • We provide financial planning resources and programs

  • We encourage retirement saving through a 401(K) Plan with pre-tax automatic payroll deductions and company matching (up to 4%)

  • We help employees manage healthcare costs through flexible Health Savings Accounts and Medical Spending Plans

  • We provide paid parental leave and sick time

  • We offer life insurance, long and short-term disability benefits, and will preparation services

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