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ESG Advisory Services
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ESG Advisory Services

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is quickly emerging as the leading business strategy to evaluate the overall health of a business’s operating model and the company’s long-term resiliency. Stakeholders are increasingly investigating and in some cases, demanding, thoughtful, forward-looking policies and programs that incorporate environmental and social impacts and how they are governed. At Antea®Group, our consultants have the strategic thinking and technical expertise to provide client-specific advisory that helps clients navigate, understand, and proactively manage their ESG risks and opportunities to embed a programmatic approach that lasts.

Antea Group maintains a global perspective on ESG issues through not only our work with multinational clients, but also through our sister organizations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America and as a founding member of the Inogen Alliance.

7 Steps to Building Your ESG Program

We work in partnership with and advise many of the world’s most sustainable companies to address global and local ESG challenges. In order to achieve a cleaner, safer, more sustainable world, all companies must realize the importance and value of managing ESG-related business challenges in a way that fits their pace and unique objectives.

From understanding what is most material to your business and how to establish baselines and goals, to developing roadmaps, tracking metrics and reporting on progress, Antea Group can help you establish a strong ESG program that can evolve and mature with your business, respond to changing investor demands, and be agile to societal shifts. Our industry-leading, seven-step approach to developing and implementing an ESG program is robust and systematic yet flexible to fit the scope and scale of your business operations.

ESG Ebook: Your Guide to Next-Level Sustainability

In this ebook, we provide a detailed look into what ESG is and how it is becoming a key framework in evaluating the health and resiliency of a business’s operations. It will walk you through the process of developing and implementing an ESG program that can fit the scope and scale of your business operations.  


Our ESG Advisory Services


Partnerships and Industry Engagement

We understand that true thought-leading organizations cannot exist in a vacuum, and are proud to be partners and participants in a number of sustainability and industry collaborations including the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable, Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council, EHSxTech®, EHSxRetail, and the REMADE Institute. We also chaired the 2017 iNEMI Roadmap on Eco-Design and recommended Circular Economy practices for the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition.

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