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Improving Incident Report Management for Global Athletic Apparel Retailer

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Improving Incident Report Management for Global Athletic Apparel Retailer


The client, a global athletic apparel retailer, had their operations set up so one person was managing all of their store-related incidents. However, with the vast number of stores, the volume was becoming difficult to process. They needed someone to assist in reviewing incoming claims and monitoring ongoing claims in order to accurately report incidents. The client required someone who is familiar with OSHA reporting requirements and worker’s compensation to assist with managing all of their store-related incidents, which would allow them the freedom to work on other strategic initiatives.


Antea Group brought in an employee with extensive worker’s compensation expertise to support this endeavor. They accessed the client’s internal systems to review new claims and determine if they should be listed on the OSHA log. Through weekly meetings with the client, Antea Group was able to work collaboratively on challenging cases, as well as ensure that claims were properly coded to improve metrics.


Antea Group created a true partnership with the client, and they felt comfortable letting us do the bulk of the work. Not only was Antea Group able to meet the client’s expectations and lift the burden from their team, but we also were able to use the remaining budget to take the raw data and input that into a custom visualization dashboard to share with store managers. This dashboard helped them to easily see the type of incidents that were reported and what locations were seeing an increased number of accidents. Having this data and visualization available helped them to make more informed health and safety decisions.

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