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RiskRight EHS For Low-Risk Environments
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RiskRight EHS For Low-Risk Environments

RiskRight EHS® is a fit-for-purpose suite of environment, health, and safety (EHS) programs and services tailored to meet the needs of low-risk facilities such as offices, call centers, and retail stores. Check out the video below that explains more about RiskRight EHS.

RiskRight EHS For Low-Risk Environments

Partner with a Global Reach

Our Antea®Group team becomes your partner in the process – we learn and adopt your company culture and become a true extension of your team, helping to reduce and proactively manage EHS risk. Through our Inogen Alliance, we have been delivering these services globally for Fortune 100 clients over the past 10+ years, utilizing an approach customized to your company culture, local regulations, and language.

Low-Risk Does Not Mean No Risk

Typical, off‐the‐shelf EHS programs are designed for higher-risk environments such as manufacturing operations. Our team understands the unique needs of lower-risk facilities and the benefits you get from a solution targeted to your needs, including maintaining a healthier and more productive work environment, preserving brand reputation, reducing business disruptions, and meeting stakeholder expectations. Additionally, we understand that some jurisdictions still require the completion of a risk assessment, regardless of facility type. An example risk assessment can help provide the format for an office-based risk assessment and includes risks that would apply to most workplaces, though it’s not an exhaustive list. Download our Office Risk Assessment Template.  

To learn more about the common workplace hazards at low-risk workplaces along with tips on how to make your office safer, download our Workplace Hazards Infographic.

Our Industry Experience

We have developed RiskRight EHS over the last 10+ years and have worked for global name-brand companies in the technology, retail, and risk and financial services industries. We understand the importance of integrating into a company's unique culture and can provide the full spectrum of services from strategic program development and risk management to tactical activities such as providing in-country on-demand resources. Through our client-only peer group, EHSxTech®, we are able to regularly gather industry leaders from technology, data center, and office-based companies to discuss the latest challenges and trends in EHS, helping us to adapt our solutions to fit the needs of our clients. In addition, we offer comprehensive benchmarking services, enabling our clients to assess their EHS strategies and programs against their peers.

Our RiskRight EHS Services For Low-Risk Environments

Health and Safety Support

Our health and safety capabilities for low-risk environments span a wide range of services to address the risks your employees may encounter. Whether we are completing an office risk assessment or conducting ergonomic assessments for your employees, our approach is collaborative and fit-for-purpose. For example, we may help to coordinate medical surveillance examinations in countries where required, develop contractor safety programs to reduce risks associated with outside personnel coming into the office, or prepare risk assessments to address common slip, trip, and fall hazards within the office. 

While some components of the physical office environment can often fall under the building manager’s responsibilities in a leased environment, we know how indoor air quality concerns (e.g., poor circulation or HVAC issues) can impact employee wellness. As well as how noise levels in server rooms or legionella presence in water supplies can lead to other industrial hygiene concerns in an office space. 

Our team understands the unique needs of lower-risk facilities and the benefits you get from a solution targeted to your needs, including consideration of Total Worker Health® strategies which lead to maintaining a healthier and more productive work environment, preserving brand reputation, preventing incidents associated with emergency response, and meeting stakeholder expectations.

Environmental Support

Many “low-risk” environments still have environmental requirements that apply. For example, emergency generators require permits and exercise logbooks, and the tank size may require reporting to your local official and/or a spill response plan. Batteries in your uninterruptible power source (UPS) may also trigger hazardous materials/dangerous goods reporting to local authorities, or require the need for hazardous waste disposal. Server rooms and data centers may use water in their cooling systems. Antea Group has experts that can help make the determination if these requirements apply to your lower-risk operations and ensure you and your staff are trained on these requirements while completing on-site inspections of ISO impact/aspect analysis. 

Sustainability Support

Office spaces all have environmental impacts, with the primary drivers being energy and water consumption and waste disposal. We can deploy our proven “treasure hunt” process to identify low or no-cost upgrades within an office environment, including lighting, HVAC, water efficiency, and equipment upgrades. Depending on the jurisdiction, recycling and composting programs may be available or required; we can characterize the waste generated on-site as well as the disposal procedures and recommend improvements to waste disposal programs and material purchasing.

ESG Support

The impact Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) can have on a low-risk facility may not always be clear, which is why it is important to take a proactive approach and learn which ESG topics relate to your organization. Using our 7-step approach, you can identify and understand unforeseen impacts of your business on people and planet, as well as engage with stakeholders to determine the relative importance of ESG topics from their perspective. These steps help your organization be proactive and set the foundation to build an ESG strategy that is focused on specific topics and goals that are most material to your organization instead of being reactive or inactive.

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