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Antea Group Incident Management (AIM)
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Antea Group Incident Management (AIM)

Our environmental incident management support speeds the transition from initial emergency response to interim response so that you can focus on returning your asset to full operation.

Timely and Cost-Effective Solutions for Hazardous Material Releases

With over 14,000 chemical spills are reported in the United States each year, a timely and well-planned response to a spill is vital to limiting environmental and community impacts and reducing risk and associated costs.

Real-Time Natural Disaster Forecasting & Briefings

As the impacts of climate change continue to affect the length and severity of the tropical storm and wildland fire seasons, it’s more important than ever to be properly prepared. Through our Wildland Fire Impact Forecasting, our experts can provide current and forecasted air quality information that can be used by facilities susceptible to airborne particulates. Similarly, our Hurricane Briefings provide daily updates to determine potential areas of impact and can be augmented to include your business assets to help make quick, informed decisions.

We Know the Initial Response Period is Critical

We believe that the greatest opportunity to reduce the long-term cost and limit risk from a spill or release is during the initial response period. Our approach delivers effective environmental incident management procedures and solutions, working closely with you to identify and prioritize site response objectives, including rapid recovery of spilled material, accelerated investigation, interim remediation, and a return to normal operations.

Experience You Can Trust

With over 25 years of experience with materials releases for the oil and gasrailroadchemical, and insurance industries nationwide, our environmental professionals and engineers work with you to complement your response team.  

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