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Waste and Materials Management
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Waste and Materials Management

The way the world views waste and materials is evolving. Every day new technologies, policies, and trends are emerging all aiming to provide insights and guidance on how to properly recycle material, minimize waste generation, manage raw materials and byproducts throughout the value and supply chain, and end-use recovery. There are two bills in Congress that would alter the way U.S. businesses handle their waste and recycling. The Secure E-Waste Export and Recycling Act, and the Recycling and Composting Accountability Act, both would promote recycling and diversion of common materials from landfills. Additionally, many Fortune 500 companies are creating their own paths to drastically reduce waste and push for more sustainable materials and end-use recovery for reuse.

Antea®Group combines strategy with solutions to ensure regulatory compliance for the management of materials and wastes as well as looking beyond compliance to support the development of material and waste reduction for many industries, from high-end retail to consumer beauty and cosmetics, to manufacturing and logistics, energy, and technology. We create specialized waste and materials solutions for each client, helping develop a unique plan that will meet your business needs and the needs of the planet.

Our Expertise

Our capabilities extend beyond addressing waste compliance and disposal requirements. We understand the need to go beyond compliance and seek waste generation and minimization to promote recycling and reuse. 

Antea Group’s professionals have applied their experience and combined expertise to help create a private, technical consortium of industry peers across the healthcare industry and recycling and waste management industries called the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC). HPRC seeks to improve the recyclability of plastic products and packaging within the healthcare industry. 

Our professionals also participate in technical groups and initiatives that seek to minimize the environmental impacts of waste disposal and human activity associated with the products we use daily and are now required to function in today’s society. One example of such is the Circular Economy movement. As a founding member of Inogen Alliance, we offer a deep understanding of risk and regulations from a global perspective and know that there is not a “one size fits all” approach to waste and materials management. Our approach to waste and materials management and beyond waste compliance includes understanding your priority waste streams and how your organization generates waste, examining creative and innovative ways to manage materials and waste within your processes or products, and applying our approach through your value and supply chain.  

Waste and Materials Management Services

Through waste and materials management, our goal is to help your organization go beyond compliance and reduce your waste footprint as much as possible. Our experienced consultants have a wide range of expertise and can offer a variety of services to support your waste and materials management program:  

Regulatory and Compliance:
  • Awareness Training
  • RCRA hazardous waste handling
  • Instructions on handling universal waste (light bulbs/tubes, lighting ballasts, batteries)
  • Packing and shipping waste materials
  • Review inventory, purchasing, and emissions records to determine the applicability of Tier II and/or Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting per local, state, and federal requirements
  • Perform calculations to determine the number of hazardous materials onsite for Tier II reporting and for the determination of the quantities of toxic chemicals manufactured, processed, or otherwise used that are released to the environment for the TRI report
  • Document evaluations of Tier II and TRI applicability determinations to support clients during regulatory inspections.
  • Filing of Tier II and TRI reports
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Plans and implementation assistance. I.e., Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans, DOT HAZMAT Security Plans
Beyond Compliance and Sustainability:
  • Zero Waste to Landfill or other certification preparation and alignment 
  • Waste and Material benchmarking and statistical breakdown 
  • Strategic development of Waste and Material goals, metrics, and KPIs that align with business and operational needs
  • Waste diversion, reduction, and recycling feasibility 
  • Engagement with senior leadership and stakeholders
  • Continual monitoring and recommended changes based on available technology
  • Responsible material sourcing and impact identification of waste and materials 
  • Reporting success
  • Supply chain engagement and evaluation for waste and materials
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG):
  • Inclusion of waste and recycling performance in ESG reports
  • Alignment of an organization's activities with current industry best practices and global waste standards 
  • Identification of human rights or environmental justice issues from current waste and materials practices

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