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Evaluating DOT Compliance Across 95 Locations
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Evaluating DOT Compliance Across 95 Locations

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Evaluating DOT Compliance Across 95 US Locations


The Client, a leader in destination-based hospitality and recreation, tasked Antea Group with evaluating DOT Compliance across ninety-five US locations. The organization recently saw rapid growth as new properties were acquired, and they lacked a central driver for change management and compliance. As a result, they needed a third-party eye to assess their maintenance and bus operations. 


Through an initial compliance audit, Antea Group evaluated strengths and opportunities for improvement across multiple compliance areas. Where gaps were identified, the client requested Antea Group subject matter experts to improve and develop programs to ensure compliance and DOT program effectiveness. 

The next task was to evaluate driver qualification compliance at each site with an existing DOT program. A team of subject matter experts worked one on one with operations managers at each high-risk site to improve driver qualification programs.  

Finally, Antea Group conducted surveys and interviews for 95 locations to determine where DOT registrations and full programs were still required.  


Antea Group developed a corporate DOT policy to include general maintenance, hours of service, drug and alcohol, and driver qualification requirements. This policy was rolled out to the broader organization to provide a foundation for the DOT program. After mapping out the structure of the organization, Antea Group was able to provide a game plan to put programs in place and achieve compliance. 

Antea Group’s team also successfully set up Clearinghouse portals and established a policy, driver consent forms, and information sheets for driver portal set-up. After working to improve the driver qualification programs, sites saw an average increase of 22% in program compliance.  

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