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SPCC Plan Development for a Midstream Oil & Gas Client


The client, one of the largest independent pipeline operators in the United States, operates a network of over 6,000 miles of pipeline and more than 120 storage terminals located primarily in the northeast and upper Midwest. Creating a consistent SPCC plan that meets federal standards, and internal policies and practices was a constant challenge.


Antea Group leveraged its deep understanding of petroleum pipeline operations and familiarity with the client’s operating philosophy to develop an SPCC plan process and written template that ensured compliance with EPA regulations as well as the client’s policies and practices.  

Antea Group used the written procedures and template to organize resources necessary to complete the required site inspections and to prepare the SPCC plans. Facility oil storage and handling inspections are coordinated with client operational HSSE leads. Following the site inspections, Antea Group provides the HSSE lead and terminal manager with a list of compliance items and draft SPCC plan to address any compliance deficiencies prior to completing a final SPCC plan.  


Through the use of a standardized, clear work flow and task milestone plan, Antea Group was able to efficiently complete site inspections at diverse terminal locations without missing essential data. This data was used to complete the SPCC template producing a plan that met all requirements of the EPA and client policies and practices at a very competitive price.

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