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Oil and Gas Industry

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Oil and Gas Industry

Leadership in today’s oil and gas industry must be capable of achieving high-quality and high-performance business results while at the same time demonstrating a long-term commitment to addressing climate change, maintaining compliance with regulatory policies and industry best practices, advancing environmental protection, and ensuring the safety of workers and surrounding communities. 

Antea Group Incident Management (AIM) Service

Antea®Group's environmental incident management support speeds the transition from initial emergency response to interim response so that you can focus on returning your asset to full operation. AIM can be activated 24/7 by calling the AIM emergency hotline number: 1-800-281-1009. 

Learn more about Antea Group Incident Management (AIM)

ESG in the Oil & Gas Industry

As investor and societal pressures to report on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics are increasing, the oil and gas industry is beginning to embrace ESG strategies in its business model, committing to transparency and disclosure. Each company’s approach to ESG needs to be uniquely developed based on business-specific priorities, initiatives, and information requests. At Antea Group, our experts understand the value and importance of crafting a detailed framework for executing an ESG strategy that fits within the scope of your business operations. 

Download an infographic of our 7-step process that helps businesses identify and implement an ESG Strategy: 

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