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1.1 Million Under-Budget Regulatory Closure for 30 Petroleum Release Sites

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1.1 Million Under-Budget Regulatory Closure for 30 Petroleum Release Sites


The bankruptcy and reorganization of a gasoline retail/convenience store chain involved the closure of 30 environmental release sites, spread across three states in diverse, mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Valley and Ridge physiographic provinces. Costs and closures had to be tracked and reported on a quarterly basis, and semi-annual cost-to-closure modeling had to be conducted to project yearly expenditure. To add to the pressure, some sites were high-liability, requiring additional technical resources, and finally, the work had to completed within ten years.


Using sensitive receptor risk-based closure evaluations, Antea Group determined which sites could be closed with reduced “hot spot” abatement or no remediation. With these closed, we could focus our attention on the more complex sites. At sites requiring corrective action to reduce soil or groundwater impact, a comprehensive remedial alternative analysis was completed to identify the most cost-effective remedial option to achieve near-term incident closure. Frequent internal senior scientist review meetings were conducted during the remediation appraisal and selection process. Remedial strategies incorporated sensitive receptor (supply well) replacement, air sparge/multi-phase extractions, in-situ chemical oxidation, soil excavation, and enhanced anaerobic bioremediation.


  • Portfolio closed $1.1 Million under budget and two years ahead of schedule
  • Minimal intrusive corrective action achieved through Antea Group's comprehensive understanding of risk-based closure regulatory options 
  • Coordination with third-party owner/operators and store managers achieved state regulatory agency assessment and corrective action goals while preserving positive working relationships with all key stakeholders
  • The bankruptcy trust could close out the remaining liability commitments associated with the gasoline retail/convenience store chain bankruptcy and reorganization
  • Innovative data presentation, corrective action strategies, and risk-based closure tools enabled the creation of a working environment with regional regulatory case managers. This carried over to other projects with the same client, reducing client's costs and achieving timely incident closures at other sites

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