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Acquiring Specialized Oil & Gas Terminal Air Permits
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Acquiring Specialized Oil & Gas Terminal Air Permits


Antea Group was tasked with helping a client transition a new terminal facility from a distillate-only operation to handle gasoline, diesel, bio-fuel, ethanol, and three gasoline additives. Under their list of needs was identifying the new equipment and corresponding specifications, installing Internal Floating Roofs (IFRs) in existing tanks for emission control, as well as acquiring the applicable air operating permit.


In order to achieve the tasks above, we completed five major services:

  • Developed a strategic plan
  • Consulted on control devices and requirements for effectiveness
  • Performed emissions calculations and air dispersion modeling
  • Prepared air permit application
  • Worked with the State regulator to achieve the desired results.

For expertise and guidance, we utilized an air compliance specialist in major source permitting to lead the effort, who also worked with a practiced team of experienced air compliance personnel.


Over the course of the project, Antea Group helped purchase the correct control equipment, ensuring these were in accordance with State requirements. Emissions were successfully estimated using both industry emission factors and the Tank software program, which estimates fugitive emissions. The air dispersion modeling methods demonstrated acceptable ambient air quality to the terminal property boundary, and ultimately the State’s permit engineer was consulted to ensure the client received the best air operating permit possible. In the end, the client could handle all the fuel types desired and was able to expand their fuel capacity from 125,000 barrels to 289,332 barrels per year. 

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