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Solutions for Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells

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Solutions for Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells

When an oil or gas well is no longer economically productive, the owner is required by state regulations to properly plug and abandon the well. Proper closure, including surface restoration, helps prevent environmental releases that can impact sensitive receptors, and enhances property value. Decades of oil and gas production in the U.S. has resulted in both properly plugged and improperly abandoned wells some of which have released hydrocarbon constituents, methane, and other compounds to the atmosphere, groundwater, soil, and surface waters. An effective well closure program prioritizes the allocation of spending, closure of wells, and site restoration based on risk as well as regulatory drivers.

Our Approach

Antea Group believes there is never a one size fits all solution. To deliver results from strategy through implementation, you can trust Antea Group’s consulting expertise to customize a holistic, fit-for-purpose plan aligned specifically with the oil and gas culture, economic cycles, values, and risk.

Our Services for Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells

  • Program level support
  • Portfolio and site-specific risk screening, evaluation, and prioritization
  • Research and historic records review
  • Initial Site visits to determine remedial actions either in person or through drone technology
  • Support for understanding Federal, state and local regulations and access to funding programs
  • Contractor management including contracting, safety management, and field oversite for well plugging/abandonment or other activities
  • Health & Safety reconnaissance to investigate methane or other high-risk scenarios
  • Development of delineation programs for petroleum exploration constituent of concern (COC) including methane specific investigations
  • Remedial technology selection and short and long term remedial activity implementation
  • Resourcing models including the procurement of experienced contract employees 

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