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EHS Auditing and Compliance

Towards optimal operational performance

Our experts take you beyond compliance to help you strengthen and optimize your business.

Corporate governance, risk management, operational integrity and regulatory compliance are demanding challenges that companies face in today’s ever-evolving business environment. More than ever, addressing these environmental, health and safety (EHS) management issues is critical to sustaining operational performance and efficiency. Equally important is the role properly deployed compliance strategies play in upholding shareholder and stakeholder confidence.

By combining proven processes, innovative tools and a wealth of multi-sector expertise, Antea Group provides solutions that strengthen and optimize business operations. We develop and implement client-specific EHS management programs that meet or exceed regulatory and performance requirements while assuring conformance and desired performance across global platforms.

We consistently deliver high client satisfaction by engaging the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our proactive and well-practiced consultants go beyond simple results reporting to define root causes, deliver process improvements, and facilitate training, which ultimately minimizes liability exposure. Our goal is to deliver a measurable return for our clients through sustained Environmental, Health and Safety excellence.

Our EHS Auditing and Compliance Consulting Services:

  • Air Quality Compliance

    • Air quality regulations are complex and constantly evolving. Companies need to evaluate their operations to determine the applicability of the air quality regulations to their operations. Antea Group’s air quality professionals deliver an array of air compliance services to help our clients navigate the regulatory framework in order to mitigate the associated risks by achieving and maintaining compliance.
  • Audits and Assessments

    • Antea Group’s environmental, health and safety practitioners are experienced in providing auditing support to our clients. We help our clients establish audit programs, including the development of protocols, execution of audits, tracking of findings, as well as designing and evaluating key metrics. Our team will provide unbiased 3rd party auditing services, as well as integrating within a client’s audit team. Additionally, we offer custom auditor training services for our clients.

  • Operational Support (Domestic and Global)

    • We provide global, regional or facility level EHS services via an innovative, cost-effective delivery model using multiple tools that expand the client’s capabilities. Through our membership in Inogen Environmental Alliance, we have a global footprint that ensures we understand the intent, spirit, and language of the regulation when supporting a client. We track EHS regulations to help clients anticipate, understand, and mitigate the risks of regulatory non-compliance and change. This knowledge feeds our audit program, the Global RegSupport HelpDesk, and other consulting services. 

  • Spill and Response Plans:

    • Antea Group’s environmental practitioners and engineers are experienced in providing spill and response planning in all industry segments from manufacturing to transportation. Spills can involve any of a wide range of chemicals and raw materials your company might work with. If you are using oils and other petroleum substances, the Federal government requires you to have a plan. Most states also have state-level requirements for the use and storage of other chemical substances.  Ensuring you have a response plan in place before a spill happens is critical for your business.

    • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure plans (SPCC)

    • Oil Spill Response Plans for Crude by Rail (OSRP)

  • Waste and Materials Management

    • The way the world views waste and materials is always changing, and new technologies, policies, and trends emerge every day around how we properly dispose of and minimize waste, as well as manage hazardous, and non-hazardous materials all along the supply chain. Antea Group seeks to create specialized waste and material management solutions for each client, helping create a unique plan that will meet your needs and the needs of the planet. 

  • Water Management:

    • Antea Group can help you manage your water from all angles, customized to your facility. Some companies need help securing the right permits, others need full-scale monitoring programs. Our water management services include designing treatment facilities or water storage areas, securing permitting, developing plans and aiding you with the regulatory processes for existing or new facilities, managing water at a facility or set of facilities, and assessing organizational water use.

Additional EHS Auditing and Compliance Consulting Services:


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