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Circular Economy Consulting

Today, most of what is produced ends up in landfill after it’s used. With finite resources, volatile commodity prices and increasing zero-waste regulations, the pressure is on companies to start thinking differently.

Moving Towards a Restorative, Regenerative Future

As circular economy concepts continue to gain momentum, pushing companies to think beyond the current “take, make, dispose” model, Antea®Group is proud to be at the forefront. Together, with our colleagues in Europe, we are engaged in a wide range of circular economy forums and projects around the world.

Leading the Way Through Collaboration and Innovation

Antea Group is currently partnering with the REMADE Institute, a pioneering organization leading the charge toward a circular future. Our membership gives us a seat at the table with industry leaders, emerging innovators, academia, and governments to share insights, collaborate on projects, and unlock barriers to circular economy progress.

Additionally, Antea Group provides leadership and facilitation to multiple collaborative industry consortiums dedicated to open dialogue and finding common solutions to circular economy challenges, including the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council and Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable. By bringing these groups together, we are able to test ideas, pilot projects in the real world, and build capacity for companies to scale up their circular efforts.

At its core, the circular economy is all about driving out waste by reimagining product design, services, and business models. And with this innovation comes opportunities to create new markets, increase revenues, enhance brand reputation, and manage risk. We are ready to help you define new strategies, articulate the business value, and start taking practical steps towards enabling your transition to circularity.

Our Circular Economy Consulting Services


  • Design for Circularity Workshops
  • Industry‐specific Circular Business Model Development
  • Circular-Economy Action Plans
  • Circular Strategy Economic Impact Analysis
  • Circular Pilot/Trial Support

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