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Accounting for Sustainability

Antea®Group combines our EHS&S subject matter expertise with innovative and practical tools to help reduce uncertainty and ensure you invest in the right sustainability projects, those that create the greatest environmental, social, and business benefits.

Helping You Invest in the Sustainability Projects that Create the Greatest Environmental, Social and Business Benefits

Our accounting for sustainability solution, known as AA4S®, simplifies the economics of sustainability by delivering processes and tools that enable quantification and monetization of the business benefits that accompany these types of investments, all in a way that finance, marketing, and other functional business leaders will understand.

AA4S provides a platform to quantify both tangible and intangible benefits, today and tomorrow. Using common business and accounting tools, we provide a straightforward, transparent approach that removes uncertainty, and gets everyone involved in sustainable decision-making speaking the same language.

For every dollar spent on sustainability, AA4S can help demonstrate the business impact. Let us assist you in effectively building a better case for investing in environmental stewardship, occupational health/safety, and sustainability.

Accounting for Sustainability

Our Accounting for Sustainability Services

Full Cost-Benefit Analysis

Identifying, quantifying, and monetizing the true cost and benefits of investing in EHS&S initiatives.

Business Case Development

Application of our eight-step process for building a better business case for investments in sustainability.

Forecasting and Probability Analysis

Predictive models to reduce uncertainty and forecast economic, environmental and social outcomes.

Shared Value Measurement and Metrics

Creating measurement systems and processes that account for the environmental, social, and business impacts of more sustainable decisions.

Sustainable Transaction Advisory

Assessing the value of sustainability in mergers, acquisitions, and intellectual property transactions.

Economics of Sustainability Investments

Building competency and capability to link economy, ecology, and society. 

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