Food and beverage industry

Food and Beverage Industry

As a result of increasing societal expectations for supply chain impacts, the drive for greater resource efficiency and transparency, and increased social demands around ingredient traceability and food safety, the food and beverage industry is facing increased EHS&S expectations.

Antea Group understands the business value that food and beverage manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors around the globe can see by proactively identifying and implementing measures to mitigate risks and capitalize on these opportunities. 

In response to the growing pressures on our clients in the food and beverage industry, Antea Group has developed a number of innovative solutions to assist clients in their continued drive for operational excellence, supply chain optimization, and effectiveness in their broader business engagements. From traditional EHS compliance-based concerns to protecting brand reputation along the complete supply chain, we can help you manage your challenges efficiently and cost-effectively.

Better Business, Better World

We have supported leading food and beverage companies around the world for more than two decades, and at the heart of our service delivery is our unbending philosophy of Better Business, Better World®. Our food and beverage industry experts help you identify and mitigate future risks, reduce costs, and advance growth, creating meaningful business value by helping you address your most pressing environmental and social challenges. 

Whether you seek development of cost-effective compliance assurance with local and global regulations, optimization of resource use in your production, continuity of supply chains, or strategic action plans for long-term improvement, we offer proven, effective solutions that deliver results to your operations and bottom line. 

Our services and expertise in the Food & Beverage Industry include:

  • EHS FleX

    • A unique, and extremely cost-effective (and less intrusive) approach to assuring EHS compliance across your value chain.
  • Environmental Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting

    • Going beyond a traditional phase I & II, we enable broader inspection of resource conservation opportunities, food & beverage supply chain continuity and resiliency, and post-transaction compliance integration.
  • Global EHS Registers and Protocols

    • Get global EHS regulatory analysis and surveillance briefings on-demand for wherever your organization needs it.
  • EHS Audits and Assessments

    • Whether you oversee a single location or have accountability for hundreds of facilities worldwide, our complete environmental auditing support services can help you compile data, interpret results, report on findings, set smart goals, and maintain compliance.

  • Water Management

    • Our water management services include designing treatment facilities or water storage areas, securing permitting, developing plans and aiding you with the regulatory processes for existing or new facilities, managing water at a facility or set of facilities, and assessing organizational water use.

  • Climate Change and Carbon Solutions

    • Our predictive risk assessment tool can calculate your level of risk and pinpoint the areas across your value chain that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We also support science-based target initiatives.
  • Energy Management

    • Unique energy solutions help you build capacity and capability in implementing your highest priority conservation efforts.
  • External Reporting and Transparency Support

    • Innovative tools help you optimize your full spectrum of corporate reporting and disclosure, including CDP, SASB, annual sustainability reports, and more.

  • Process Safety Management

    • Our unique capabilities help you meet regulatory compliance requirements while also enabling insights for more effective risk management systems and practices.
  • Water Risk Assessment and Stewardship

    • Leveraging our leading work in assessing water risks for our customers in over 1300 watersheds globally, we have developed critical intelligence and tools that will help you quickly assess your vulnerabilities across your supply chain and design strategies to assure your water security into the future.

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