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Supply Chain Optimization


Proven value chain expertise to help chart your business priorities and set a pace that balances capacity and need.

Next generation sustainability calls on leaders to move beyond the basics and realize greater economic, environmental, and social benefits. Forward-thinking companies find solutions outside their organizational boundaries, leveraging entire value chains to create innovative business models that significantly improve efficiency, reduce costs, lower environmental impact, and generate social benefits.

Our established value chain and internal logistics optimization processes engage stakeholders and drive change across the entire value chain. Through our innovative solutions, you benefit from reduced business risk, new opportunities, and long-term competitive advantage.

Our Supply Chain Optimization Services:

  • Product & Packaging Stewardship

    • Our experts deliver assessment and advisory services that address stewardship from design to end-of-life.

  • Benchmarking EHS and Sustainability Practices

    • By benchmarking organizational performance, positioning, and practice we can help you demonstrate progress and define future priorities. We also carefully monitor environmental and social trends through scenario planning and peer dialogue to discover future best practices.

  • Customer and Stakeholder Engagement and Discovery 

    • Connecting deeply with your customers and stakeholders, we help you uncover insights and drive business value, and our industry networks and partners facilitate experience sharing and accelerate organizational learning.


    • Concrete, actionable recommendations for strengthening your supplier relationships and improving the performance and profitability of your extended network.

    • We offer forecasts of critical trends affecting manufacturing and distribution companies, and inspirational strategies for success.

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