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Global EHS Registers and Protocols
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Global EHS Registers and Protocols

As companies find themselves doing business in more and more diverse locations, EHS managers can run into complex issues of language, time, and differing environmental, health, and safety paradigms. Antea®Group can help you understand the laws and regulations of any region you work in by providing custom support that pieces together a complete picture of the local EHS environment, closing the gaps with our Global EHS Registers and Protocols.

Global Reach

Antea Group, with our partner Inogen Alliance, has cataloged and reviewed environmental, health, safety, and security regulations for over 90 countries and jurisdictions around the world over the past decade. To make the information consistent we have a specific EHS scope we track in each country, and then also can use the same process to create unique registers for issues like social justice or mining requirements. We partner you with a local EHS professional who will tailor content to provide you a customized EHS register and/or protocol, summarize regulations in English, and provide country-language original government documents. This allows EHS managers to review environmental risks and burdens that must be addressed in local operations plans, training, and programs, all with the support of a local expert.

Data That Does More

Our data goes beyond auditing or ISO certification, enabling global EHS managers to evaluate waste transportation requirements, track shipments going through multiple countries, create regional EHS newsletters tracking changing regulations, and more. With all the materials in one place and updated live links to government websites, we ensure you have everything you need when you need it, made easily accessible to you via Excel file, EHS data management tool, or in our business partners' EMIS platforms.

How Can We Help?

Antea Group consultants are standing by to remove time and language barriers, helping you understand your local EHS ecosystem and keeping your business running safely and smoothly. Our goal is to assist you to operate or consider expanding to new countries with a full understanding of EHS requirements to best operate within the spirit and the letter of the law.

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