Technology industry EHS and sustainability consulting

Technology Industry

A shortened commercialization cycle and rapidly expanding global operations present real challenges to EHS and management and compliance for tech companies, even in low-risk environments.

At Antea Group, we understand global EHS and sustainability needs for technology companies and help anticipate and manage the implications across your operations, products, and supply chain. From real estate and worker safety, to manufacturing and product stewardship, we are your partner to help your company grow and succeed. We have proven experience delivering systematic and sustainable solutions specific to the technology industry that protect your employees, your brand, your reputation, and the communities in which you operate, and provide lasting business value.

We have partnered with leading global technology companies, within both hardware and software sectors, to provide actionable EHS and sustainability strategies aimed at efficiently assessing and mitigating risk exposure, and protecting your brand while still being practical, flexible and fit-for-purpose. 

Through our membership in Inogen Environmental Alliance, a global network of EHS resources and in-country experts, our multidisciplinary teams work cohesively and responsively anywhere in the world to help enhance your EHS and sustainability performance, support your core business, and protect your brand.

Our goal is to enable your organization to manage EHS and sustainability in a way that most effectively supports your business.

Our Technology Industry Services:

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