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EHS Passport

Antea®Group's EHS Passport is a fit for purpose solution with services ranging from taking existing corporate environmental, health and safety programs and bringing them into compliance with local rules and regulations, to offering a turn-key solution where environmental, health and safety programs are developed, implemented, and maintained. Services are tailored to meet the needs of global low-risk, fast-growing companies and focuses on assisting these companies as they expand into new geographies.

The Solution

This solution focuses on the planning for the selection and opening of a facility to the first year of the facility’s operation by identifying documents, permits and infrastructure required to be developed and implemented prior to opening the doors at the new facility, with the ultimate goal of ensuring compliance and a smooth opening.

Country-Specific Information

EHS Passport provides country-specific information regarding languages, federal holidays, and country demographics, and reveals unique country nuances that may affect facility operations when operating in a new host country. EHS Passport is your ultimate travel guide to opening and operating a low risk facility in a new host country.

The Three Components of EHS Passport

Country Overview: 
  • Overview of country-specific facts such as geography, demographics, spoken languages, and federal and frequently taken holidays
EHS Rules and Regulations:
  • Country-specific EHS rules and regulations and detailed operational timeframe
Cultural Nuances:
  • Review of cultural nuances of conducting business in the new host country, such as women in the workplace, maternity and paternity leave policies, and military requirements

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