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Data Center EHS Review
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Data Center EHS Review


A global technology company was seeking an independent review of their data center operations to evaluate their level of compliance with local and national EHS regulations. They also desired to have a 3rd party conduct a culture assessment to identify employee attitudes toward health and safety while gaining a better understanding of their current EHS strengths and weaknesses.


Antea Group utilized our established data center auditing and assessment tools to conduct two-day, on-site audits at several of the client’s data centers. We assigned certified professionals with direct experience with data center operations to evaluate the compliance with regulations, as well as the conformance with the client’s own internal processes and procedures.

Prior to the on-site evaluations, Antea Group EHS professionals evaluated all of the client’s written EHS procedures. While on-site, the data center operations were evaluated against company standards, federal regulations and local environmental requirements. Audit reports were prepared and included regulatory citations, prioritized findings based on potential risk, and suggestions for corrective actions and resolutions. In addition, we conducted culture assessment surveys with employees to better understand their perspectives on issues of health, safety, and security at the data centers.


The audit process was successful in identifying several common issues and risks prevalent at multiple locations. This allowed the client to target common risks from a corporate level and provide resources and support to each of the locations. Additionally, the audit process helped to identify best practices that could be shared between all of the data center operations. 

Employees enthusiastically participated in the culture surveys, and appreciated the opportunity to speak candidly on topics of health, safety, and security. The client felt that this feedback was extremely valuable and planned to use it to drive immediate improvements and share best practices across the company.

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Data centers contain critical company infrastructure and private customer information. These assets must be kept secure and functional 24/7 to maintain and enhance company business and brand reputation. Download our infographic to learn more about data center hazards and keeping worker safety a priority.


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