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EHS Support Through an Acquisition for a Large Tech Client

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EHS Support Through an Acquisition for a Large Tech Client


The client is an international hardware and software technology company that specializes in the creation, manufacturing, sale and support of consumer technology products. This project originated as a result of an acquisition of a small company by this technology client. At the time, they were unable to provide EHS support and had sourced Antea Group to support throughout the acquisition. Previous projects included EHS audits, site hazard assessments, asbestos testing, lead removal, compliance due diligence, etc.

By the time one of our consultants started supporting the site for their EHS needs, the project was put on hold by the client. The group which acquired the site did not want additional personnel at their location due to the sensitive nature of the work being conducted. The relationship was further complicated due to internal disagreements and conflicts between the EHS manager and the group that operates at the site. 

Eventually having the approval to be at the site, an Antea Group consultant was approached by the leader of the group that occupies the site. During that time it was conveyed what the group itself was actually wanting in terms of support from EHS.


After numerous conversations, the scope of the project was shifted to support the group in a way that fits their needs. This involved focusing more on the general contractors working around their employees, ensuring compliance with not only their programs but OSHA regulations, providing site support after hours and on weekends, while continuing to also fulfill the EHS site support that was originally tasked.

After shifting the scope, the focus was placed on ensuring that all contractors working at the site were in compliance with the client’s internal requirements and that they were adhering to OSHA standards. An Antea Group consultant would serve as a liaison between the client and the contractors, relaying any issues or concerns back to the superintendent of the project as well as the client's EHS manager. Further site support involved coordinating waste removal (including hazardous waste), development of JSA, EHS site support, coordination of Asbestos sampling, lead paint removal, EHS program creation and implementation, EAP creation and implementation, and site audits.


The work above resulted in an extension of the project. It is still on-going. The client has directly requested a specific Antea Group consultant and management team to support other projects at additional locations as needed.

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