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The Value of EHS Consulting & Management Services

March 30th, 2017

When it comes to creating and managing successful environmental, health and safety (EHS) programs, every business faces unique requirements, challenges and opportunities. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and many companies find they lack the resources or expertise to create programs that meet compliance and add business value.
With this in mind, Antea Group and our global partners work with our clients to create custom, fit-for-purpose EHS solutions that help them manage risk today and drive continuous improvement tomorrow.
Below we dive into some of our core EHS consulting and management areas of expertise, as well as some of the values, services and benefits that could help your organization achieve its goals.

Our Philosophy: Better Business, Better World

We opened our doors in 1986 with the belief that our work could make a difference. Three decades later, we still believe that doing the right thing environmentally and socially brings long-term business value and a competitive edge. We believe this for ourselves and our clients.
Today, our mantra has a name: Better Business, Better World®.

EHS Consulting Services

Antea Group began as an environmental liability management firm with just three clients in our portfolio. Since then, we’ve developed a deep knowledge and unique skillset in environment, health and safety consulting, helping a diverse collection of clients manage risk, unlock opportunities and drive continuous improvement.
Recognizing that every business has unique needs, we offer fit-for-purpose solutions to drive best-in-class EHS performance. In addition, our partners through the Inogen Environmental Alliance provide broad-based knowledge and expertise, and local support across hundreds of countries and six continents.
Our EHS consulting services span a variety of industries, including Manufacturing, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas, Railroad and Technology sectors.

Some of our EHS consulting services include:

EHS Management Services

To ensure compliance and drive continuous improvement, EHS managers and their teams spend a significant amount of time managing EHS programs—often with limited budget and resources.
Through our EHS management services, we aim to provide expert and customized support to guide your management processes and strategies. Our EHS management services range from consulting and support to providing in-house or remote EHS staff. These management services also span the several industry segments mentioned above.
Some of our EHS management service offerings include:

EHS Management Software & Technology

EHS management software and other technologies give you the power to manage compliance, track and record regulatory requirements, capture and share institutional knowledge, integrate data from multiple locations and measure EHS&S performance at facility, division or enterprise levels.
Antea Group leverages our deep expertise as well as cutting edge software and technologies to create efficiencies and uncover insights that drive EHS performance and ultimately help you reach your business objectives. If you’re ready to talk about your unique EHS consulting or management needs, we’re ready to help.

Contact us today or, if you want to see our EHS consulting in action, check out our wide array of Case Studies.


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