data management and visualization

Advanced Data Management and Visualization

Conceptual Site Modeling That Gives You Power Over Your Project

CAVe™ is Antea Group’s bundled solution of industry-leading software tools for data management and visualization coupled with our consultants’ expertise that allows our clients to efficiently optimize and understand their EHS data.

CAVe stands for:  

Capture: gathering data from all sources—the field, the lab, historical and spatial data

Analyze: digging in to the data itself—its validity, quality, and completeness

Visualize: looking at or transforming the data in meaningful ways—tables, charts, models, and maps

Electronically: reduces manual manipulation of data – decreasing error; data flow between management and visualization programs increases efficiency

CAVe can be thought of as two main components: Data Management and Visualization. These components can be implemented together or separately, depending on the project, and can be tailored to fit our client’s needs. CAVincreases the quality and precision of your data and provide spatial analysis and visualization to support project initiatives in a cost-effective way. Our client’s data and output quality increases. 

Antea Group’s CAVe team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience in data management, data validation, GIS and 3D modeling. CAVe is able to extend the power of industry standard software with project-focused solutions. There’s no black box here—our project teams have web-enabled access and full transparency into their data. CAVe can be applied across all portfolios and service lines. It’s a customizable, flexible, and robust enterprise solution. 

Looking for more on-the-ground support? Our high-resolution site characterization and investigations service seamlessly integrate with CAVe, helping you reduce liability lifecycle reserves across your organizational portfolio.

Contact us today to learn more about CAVe or to schedule a demo, and read more about our high-resolution site characterization services here.