Managing risk and compliance across an organization is a tall order for environment, health and safety (EHS) teams, many of which are operating large programs with few resources or limited expertise.

With these challenges in mind, Antea Group and our global partners work with our clients to create custom, fit-for-purpose EHS solutions that help them manage risk today and drive continuous EHS improvement tomorrow.

Below we detail some of our core EHS risk and compliance management areas of expertise, as well as some of the services and benefits that could help your organization achieve its goals.

EHS Risk Management

From business risk, to potential employee exposure, to human health or ecological risk—EHS risk can be defined in a wide variety of ways and represent different implications for every business. As a result, there’s no one-size-fits-all risk management approach.

Drawing on three decades of experience, Antea Group, and our partners through the Inogen Environmental Alliance, tailors our risk management services based on your unique EHS needs to protect your business, workers and the environment.

EHS&S Risk Assessments

Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) Risk Assessments are our cornerstone risk management offering. Risk assessments can be conducted at the enterprise, facility or individual level. Our experienced EHS consultants will identify, assess and prioritize risks, and then deliver data and actionable insights so you can improve programs and mitigate risks.

Some of the specific assessment services we offer include:

EHS Compliance Management

While compliance is no longer the sole purpose of a company’s EHS program, it’s still an absolute must in order to run a safe, healthy and effective business. However, managing compliance across operations and functions, staying current on changing regulations, and executing other critical responsibilities leaves many EHS teams in need of expert, cost-effective support.

Antea Group offers a wide range of services to help guide your compliance management strategy. Some of our services include:

EHS + Technology

EHS management technology gives you the tools and the power to manage compliance, track and record regulatory requirements, capture and share institutional knowledge, integrate data from multiple locations and measure performance at multiple levels.

In tandem with our knowledge and expertise, Antea Group leverages cutting edge software to create efficiencies and uncover insights that drive EHS performance, ultimately helping you reach your business objectives. If you’re ready to talk about your unique EHS consulting or management needs, we’re ready to help. 

Contact us today or, if you want to see our EHS consulting in action, check out our wide array of case studies.

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