Health and Safety Audits and Risk Assessments

Health and Safety Audits and Risk Assessments

Helping you reduce risk and prioritize people

Our global health and safety auditing and assessment services are based upon hands-on, working knowledge of local regulatory requirements and enforcement standards, best practices, and internationally accepted standards including ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and OHSAS 18001. We utilize industry-specific, vetted protocols customized to your operations, and our seasoned auditors have extensive experience with H&S permitting, support, program and policy development, management, and auditing across a wide variety of industrial and lower-risk sectors.

Antea Group can also help you power up your program through technology, working with you to build out a complete solution to track, analyze, report, and maintain compliance, whether at a single facility or a portfolio of facilities worldwide. Our auditing process offers mobile capabilities, management of findings, assignment of corrective actions, and deadline reminders to help busy clients manage their entire audit process. 

Our H&S experts work with you to proactively forecast EHS risks to help ensure not only compliance, but complete risk assessment, management, and mitigation on into the future.

Our health and safety auditing and risk assessment services include:

  • Mock OSHA Audits and Baseline Assessments to Measure Regulatory Compliance

  • Audit Program Development

  • Audit Training

  • Internal Audit Program Verification

  • Underwriting/Loss Control Surveys to Support the Insurance Industry

  • Risk Management Assessments

  • Gap Analysis

  • Management System (ISO14001, ISO 45001, ANSI Z10, VPP, and OHSAS 18001) Assessments

  • Custom Audit Protocols and Reports

  • Mobile Audit Tools

  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Audits

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