Enterprise risk analysis

EHS Flex for Enterprise Risk and Gap Analysis

EHS FleX is a low cost, systematic approach to conducting an enterprise-level EHS gap analysis.

We know EHS managers are challenged by financial pressures and limited EHS resources, yet still must determine how best to evaluate and address compliance liabilities across their organization. EHS FleX provides a systematic approach to prioritizing enterprise assets and liabilities and validating financial investments. This solution is highly customizable and tailored to suit your needs, building on expertise gained from the thousands of global EHS audits Antea Group has completed.

EHS FleX is a low-cost, fit-for-purpose solution that provides you with the data you need to make informed choices, making it possible for corporate and regional teams to better understand the entire enterprise through one platform.

And Antea Group don’t just complete the desktop assessment and call the job done—we lead you through a collaborative design process to build EHS awareness, provide a country-specific consultant to answer site questions, and support continuous quality improvements that boost the performance of your business long-term.

How Does It Work?

EHS FleX begins with a survey tool that is completed by your facility personnel. Antea Group then analyzes the results and an in-country consultant, who is familiar with the culture and spirit of the regulations and is a native language speaker, conducts a conference call to review and lead a detailed discussion about your EHS program.

We identify gaps in program management, reporting, monitoring, recordkeeping, and analysis, then prioritize them based on risk level, and then make recommendations on how to resolve them. Antea Group works with what you have, looking for existing corporate tools that can be universally applied, as well as addressing specific facility challenges that need to be addressed to reduce EHS liability.

EHS FleX Services Include:

  • “Fit-for-purpose,” low-cost collaborative design process.
  • Organizational review of your EHS program.
  • Shared learnings with facility personnel.
  • Trends analysis and risk ranking of data gathered from across geographies and facility types to see the big picture and look for synergies. 
  • Enhanced EHS cultural insights for regional and corporate managers.

Need more information? Check out our EHS FleX case studies or listen to our EHS FleX introductory webinar.


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