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Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Abatement

Vapor intrusion (the migration of volatile chemicals from the subsurface into overlying or nearby buildings) has become a significant environmental issue for regulators, industry leaders, and concerned employees and residents. Indoor air contaminant levels can be significant enough at sites with subsurface contamination to trigger immediate regulatory or remediation action.

From Investigation and Analysis to Mitigation and Closure

Growing concern regarding vapor intrusion complicates site clean-ups and closures and poses a real risk to re-opening closed sites. Nationwide, volatile organic contaminants in the subsurface pose a recognized threat to indoor air quality and can cause fear and anxiety to building occupants, businesses, and property owners. These are risks that companies cannot afford to ignore.

Know Who to Call

When dealing with known or suspected vapor intrusion issues, it is vital to have the right expertise at your disposal. Lack of knowledge about indoor air issues and evaluation techniques may oversimplify the problem and cause air quality investigations and risk assessments to understate (or grossly overstate) the problem. Indoor air quality is often overlooked in many environmental site investigations and soil/ groundwater plume contamination scenarios, and a lack of knowledge regarding cost considerations contributes to the omission of vapor intrusion assessments and evaluation.

Our vapor intrusion experts have decades of experience and can make sure to accurately pinpoint the true risks and pain points for your organization, and then guide you through the most effective and efficient path to resolution.

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