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Legionella Water Testing for Large Property Management Company

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Legionella Water Testing for Large Property Management Company


The client, a large Minnesota-based property management company, contracted Antea Group to conduct legionella water testing throughout their locations in Minneapolis, MN. 

Due to legionella being detected in a previous industrial hygiene (IH) assessment for the tenant, the client conducted remediation of their water system. With more and more tenants returning to the office building after working from home due to COVID-19, it was imperative that the legionella be remediated. So, in July of 2021, the property management company contracted Antea Group to do a post-remediation IH assessment to determine the effectiveness of the water system remediation and to determine if legionella was still present in their water system.  

The desired outcome of this project was to verify if the remediation conducted by the client’s management team in response to the legionella findings was successful in remediating the bacteria throughout the building. This outcome was achieved by conducting a water assessment at the building with the analyte of concern being legionella. 


Antea Group sent two health and safety professionals to the properties to collect samples at various points throughout the building. Select samples were then analyzed for various strains of legionella to determine the pathogenic properties of the bacteria. The samples were analyzed by the lab and legionella was not detected in the water supply post-remediation. Antea Group provided guidance to the property management team on how to prevent legionella in the future. Antea Group’s safety professionals and Certified Industrial Hygienist's supported this project in a professional and compassionate fashion. 


The post-remediation water assessment did not detect legionella in the water supply throughout the building, suggesting the legionella had been properly remediated. The client received peace of mind that their tenants were safe. Finally, Antea Group assisted the client in developing a personalized water plan to keep their facility protected against future legionella outbreaks. 

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