It can be an overwhelming job to manage EHS issues, as successful organizations increasingly operate a mix of facility types all over the world. These include what some would call “low-risk” facilities, such as co-work offices, leased spaces, makerspaces, data centers, warehouses, and retail locations. 

While these facilities are lower risk than their manufacturing or industrial counterparts, they are not “no risk” and must be managed accordingly. You must ensure regulatory compliance and employee safety and productivity in order to meet employee and customer expectations and protect against threats to brand reputation.

Unfortunately, most off‐the‐shelf EHS programs are designed for higher-risk environments, leaving managers of lower-risk facilities wondering how best to address their unique, but still significant, concerns.

Antea Group understands the unique needs of lower-risk facilities and the benefits that can be had from a solution targeted to your needs. We offer our RiskRight EHS®  solution to give companies the ability to manage compliance issues and create proactive programs for safe and productive workplaces anywhere they operate. 

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming low-risk facilities carry no risk—contact us today to learn more about RiskRight EHS and how we can partner with you.

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