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Preparing & Updating SPCC Plans for Critical Operations Offices and Data Centers

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Preparing & Updating SPCC Plans for Critical Operations Offices and Data Centers


Antea Group was requested to assist with initial preparation and updates to Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans for several clients who operate critical operations office and data center facilities for the technology sector. The clients’ facilities typically use diesel fuel, an SPCC regulated substance, for the operation of emergency generators. In addition to fuel storage, these facilities may also operate oil-filled-equipment such as elevators and transformers which are subject to SPCC regulations. Many of these facilities are also regulated by local environmental regulations for the storage and use of diesel fuel. In addition to assisting with SPCC plans, Antea Group helped the clients with tank integrity management, tank inspections, and SPCC Annual training. 


Antea Group has SPCC practitioners situated throughout the US that were able to assist with SPCC interpretation and implementation for the clients’ facilities within the technology sector. Management at some facilities asked Antea Group’s SPCC experts to visit their facility to train local facility maintenance personnel in proper periodic inspection and maintenance procedures for aboveground storage tanks.  Ultimately Antea Group prepared SPCC plans for the critical operations office and data center facilities. The plans were implemented for environmental compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations.


Antea Group was able to leverage subject matter experts’ knowledge and availability to assist the clients with a more simplistic implementation of SPCC procedures and provide a better understanding of tank integrity management requirements for their operations. Antea Group uses simple SPCC plan formats that are easy for facility managers to implement for environmental compliance. We also help prepare a roles and responsibilities summary document to help facilities understand SPCC roles for ISO14001 implementation. The clients have been very pleased with Antea Group’s environmental compliance assistance and the subject matter expert’s knowledge.

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