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Conducting Environmental Audits at TSDF Sites
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Conducting Environmental Audits at TSDF Sites


Antea Group was asked to perform environmental compliance audits at Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities (TSDF) sites used by a specialty chemical company to recycle used drums. The client became concerned with the operations and financial viability of their drum recycling vendors after a drum recycling vendor went bankrupt, which could expose the client to potentially damaging environmental liability risks.


To avoid these risks, Antea Group performed the environmental compliance audits of the requested facilities utilizing the client’s checklist and protocols. A pre-audit checklist, along with a list of documents to be reviewed was prepared and then distributed by the client to the facilities before the visit. After the visits, the team wrote a report that consisted of a brief narrative of the audit, permits and registrations that were reviewed, a list of findings, and an evaluation of the facility operation as it relates to the regulatory requirements. Each compliance finding in the report included a statement of the applicable requirement, a regulatory citation, and a statement of the specific non-conformance, including in-context examples.


Results of the audits indicated the facilities audited were in compliance and operated in accordance with the appropriate regulations, allowing the client to make confident business decisions in utilizing these TSDF facilities.

Visit our EHS auditing and compliance page for more information.

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