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Incident Management: AIM Response to Ethanol Train Derailment
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Incident Management: AIM Response to Ethanol Train Derailment

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Incident Management: AIM Response to Ethanol Train Derailment


The client, a class I freight railroad company, requested Antea Group’s Incident Management (AIM) team to mobilize to an ethanol train derailment to provide incident management support for releases from several railcars containing ethanol. A timely and well-planned response to a spill is vital to limiting environmental and community impacts and reducing risk and associated costs


Antea Group quickly mobilized employees that are certified in Incident Command Structure (ICS) courses to support this activity as well as employees experienced with train derailment responses.

Antea Group’s incident management team provided support for the following operational units with the ICS during emergency response activities of the derailment:

  • Operational Unit
  • Planning Unit (specifically environmental support)
  • Logistics

Robust documentation of all site activities was taken and complied for the final Incident Action Plan.


Antea Group provided ICS support during all emergency response activities producing deliverables that memorialize all recovery, cleanups, and restoration activities for future reference. In addition, Antea Group provided the client with support on forensic accounting post emergency response activities to ensure proper costs were allocated to the incident.

In an emergency, call our AIM 24/7 Hotline +1 800 281 1009. 

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