You are looking for global EHS solutions—we have the answers to your questions. Global expansion presents several unique EHS challenges that can hinder development; these challenges are complex and we know that budgets are often limited. We can help you at any stage of your global business expansion; for instance, by sending an experienced local EHS professional your way or compiling a list of local laws and cultural norms.

Antea Group knows that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution: every company and situation is different; you might only have one question about a specific regulation, or you might need boots on the ground in-country for the long haul. We seek to be cost-effective and efficient for your real-world needs. Take a closer look at our global EHS services and how they fit into your global framework.

When You Need to Fully Understand the Local EHS Ecosystem

As companies find themselves doing business in increasingly diverse locations, EHS managers can run into complex issues of language, time, and differing environmental, health, and safety paradigms. Antea Group can help you understand the laws and regulations of any region you work in by providing custom support that pieces together a complete picture of the local EHS environment, closing the gaps with our Global EHS Registers and Protocols. With all the materials in one place, including updated live links to government websites, we ensure you have everything you need when you need it.

Learn more about Global EHS Registers and Protocols and how we can help you organize your international information.

When You Are Planning Global Expansion

EHS Passport is focused on helping you plan for the selection and opening of a new facility all the way through the first year of operation by identifying documents, permits, and infrastructure required to be developed and implemented prior to startup. EHS Passport provides country-specific information regarding relevant cultural practices, languages, federal holidays, and country demographics, and reveals unique country nuances that may affect facility operations.

Learn more about EHS Passport and how we can help you expand your business safely.

When You Have a Specific Compliance Question

Our Global RegSupport Help Desk is a pay-as-you-go service that gives facility and EHS staff quick and concise answers to global regulatory and compliance questions. This service offers a cost-effective way to proactively get accurate EHS information to assist in maintaining facility and operational compliance. The Global RegSupport Help Desk service addresses EHS questions that don’t need in-depth consulting, but are complex enough to require more than a simple internet search. One email gets you access to our global network of experts who will confidently answer your questions on emerging or existing regulatory and compliance issues as they relate to your unique business or facility situation. Within 48 hours you will have the answers you need.

Learn more about Global RegSupport Help Desk and submit your EHS questions whenever you have them.

When You Need In-Country Expert Support

The Inogen Environmental Alliance is a global network of partnering consultancies that provide organizations with consistent, high quality, and cost effective environmental, health and safety support. With offices on every continent, more than 4,300 staff worldwide, and projects completed in more than 120 countries, through Inogen Antea Group can provide complete, on-the-ground support for your EHS&S needs.

Visit the Inogen website to learn more about what services, knowledge, and skills we offer together.

We would love to support your company in any way we can and partner with you to complete your international projects efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us to get started.

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