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Energy Management

Antea®Group specializes in energy management and supporting clients with identifying and implementing high-value solutions and zero-capital improvements that lower operating costs and create efficiencies.

Save Money, Reduce Your Environmental Footprint, and Take Control of Your Energy Future

We believe that integrating a robust energy-optimization strategy into everyday operating practices minimizes risk and improves your bottom line. Our team evaluates your company’s current situation, identifies gaps between existing and ideal performance levels, develops strategic plans, and implements improvement projects to close those gaps.

Our Proven Track Record

Our experts have successfully applied optimization strategies from small, single-plant operations to Fortune 50 companies, and we have facilitated close to 100 energy and water assessments and workshops worldwide in the past 3 years. We regularly work with mature industries and thought leaders who recognize that efficient use of energy and water is fundamental to business success.

Our pragmatic approach focuses on a range of optimization opportunities, including next-day behavioral changes, near-zero cost operational improvements, quick payback improvements, and long-term optimization options. Antea Group experts actively collaborate with site teams to define implementable energy solutions, and utilize an efficiency assessment process comprised of optimization roadmaps, savings models, and benchmarking tools.

Our Energy Management Services

  • Energy Optimization Assessments, including
    • Lighting Upgrades
    • HVAC System Improvement
    • Chilled and Hot Water System Management
    • Compressed Air and Steam System Management
    • Control System Optimization
    • Process Improvement
    • On-site Power Generation
    • Employee Training
  • Goal Setting and Performance Tracking
  • ISO 50001 Program Development and Management
  • Renewable Energy Viability Review and Project Development
  • Cogeneration Feasibility Studies
  • Utility Rebate and Tax Credit Investigation

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