Under new leadership comes new national priorities. President Joe Biden has made clear that a broad transition to renewable energy will be prominent in his agenda. 

The president’s clean energy plan is a progressive, ambitious answer to the U.S.’s contribution to rising carbon emission levels. The Biden Plan calls for the United States “to achieve net-zero emissions and a 100% clean energy economy by no later than 2050.” 

For American companies, the challenge has been set. Now is the time for organizations to consider their long-term strategies towards reduced energy consumption and cleaner energy sources. A greener industry isn’t the only thing companies have to gain from these efforts - this can be a huge opportunity to demonstrate responsible foresight in the eyes of ESG investors, shareholders, and the public. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to stay ahead of changing regulatory tides. 
EHS plays a pivotal role in the tilt towards cleaner energy, and EHS leaders are uniquely positioned to help their companies make the transition. Here are a few practical ways EHS can help make a proactive impact: 

Shift to eco-friendly buildings 

Just about any building can be improved upon in terms of clean energy. Initiatives as simple as adopting energy-efficient lighting or water distribution systems can quickly add up to make a difference. Also, focusing on waste reduction opportunities through reusing and recycling is a worthy practice to implement where you can. These minor infrastructure changes often overlap with quality-of-life improvements and cost savings. Plus, tweaking your facilities now means longer-term energy-saving goals are more easily reached. 

Inspire a green mindset 

When you’re setting out to instill eco-friendly habits among your people at work, you might think it wouldn’t require much convincing… but in truth, a habit is a hard thing to build. Consider building out a short, snappy guide to help your employees develop more sustainable practices on a day-to-day basis. As hybrid remote environments take hold, it makes sense to offer guidance that is applicable at home or in the office. To help these habits stick, make them easy and illustrate the impact. 

Weigh in at the highest level 

Make your voice heard when it comes to high-level sustainability strategy. As regulations tighten and sustainability becomes a bigger issue among members of your C-suite, remind them that scaling green initiatives is firmly within the realm of EHS’s expertise. Lean into your inner tech nerd by keeping up to date on the advent of new green technology, researching accordingly, and spearheading the evaluation and implementation of energy-efficient solutions. 

Set goals and start to gain momentum 

With the Biden Plan, we’re all going to be hearing a lot more about SBTs over the next few years. Science-Based Targets are useful in that they are immovable, hard goals that serve to measure your green performance, while also signalling that your company takes long-term sustainability seriously. Take your time and really look into drawing out strategic goals that are achievable, motivating, challenging and meaningful. Conduct Scope 1, 2 and 3 screenings and start to build momentum with some smaller wins.  

Consult with experts

Sometimes, an outside perspective can make all the difference. Consultants (like Antea Group) conduct objective assessments of your facilities and operations to help spot issues and opportunities. At Antea Group, we know every company has different hurdles on the path to long-term sustainability. Our team works with you to build realistic, practical solutions that are tailored specifically to your business. Business transformation is never easy, but especially in the case of an energy transition, the long-term benefits are boundless. 

The time is now for taking action and defining your organization’s role in a transition to clean and renewable energy. Taking a proactive approach at this time will prevent you from needing to play catch-up later on.  

We’re here to help. Learn more about Antea Group’s energy management services.

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