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Leveraging New Technology to Perform Remote EHS Compliance Audits

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Leveraging New Technology to Perform Remote EHS Compliance Audits


Antea Group partnered with a global pallet and supply chain platform manufacturer to perform environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance audits for existing and acquired manufacturing, distribution, and repair facilities. Antea Group could not conduct the audits in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the client was still required to meet their directives so they inquired on how the audits could be performed virtually at their eight US sites. Antea Group has the technology tools, including smart glasses, to perform full virtual audits when not able to be on-site with a client.


The virtual audits were a pivot as Antea Group had already been awarded the work, but the client insisted that the EHS compliance audits be conducted remotely instead of in-person as previously planned. As a newly released service, the first two sites were used as pilot sites for the smart glass technology. Following the pilot sites, a process was put in place to ensure property preparation, training, and execution for each site and transition to the next audit facility.

Antea Group was able to successfully fulfill the client’s desire to complete all EHS compliance assessments virtually. Antea Group's subject matter experts, who may not have been involved if the audits were done in-person, provided knowledge and expertise remotely and were able to identify potential hazards and corrective actions.


This was the first time the smart glasses were used by Antea Group for virtual audits and it provided an opportunity to pilot the new technology and proved to be extremely effective when an in-person audit is not possible.

All eight EHS compliance audits were successfully conducted virtually by using the smart glass technology. In addition, this virtual process allowed the subject matter expert to be involved in the project with limited cost which is an huge benefit for the client and for Antea Group to to meet industry and client expectations.

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