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Matthew Bell
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Matthew Bell

Environmental M&A Practice Leader
Senior Consultant

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Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell Environmental M&A Practice Leader

Matthew Bell has more than 30 years of experience delivering EHS business solutions to a broad spectrum of domestic and multi-national companies. His work is focused primarily on large scale merger and acquisition (M&A) projects for strategic buyers, and the private equity community. This work includes extensive due diligence work, quantification of liabilities, protecting the client’s downside, assisting in identifying upside value, and assisting with positioning uncertainties, risks and liabilities on the sell side. Mathew has worked for clients on over 100 M&A transactions and various other projects in over 35 countries.

He has also served as the senior technical lead on numerous large scale remediation projects in complex hydrogeological settings, under a wide spectrum of regulatory frameworks, including Phase II site investigations and remediation projects throughout the U.S. as well as South America, Europe, and Asia. Includes development of conceptual hydrogeologic models, contaminant transport calculations, feasibility studies, technology selection, in-situ remedial applications, and ex-situ remedial treatments. He has extensive experience as the project lead interfacing with the client, regulatory agencies, and various stakeholders.

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