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investment thesis consultation
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Investment Thesis Consultation

Before due diligence begins, it's imperative to create an investment thesis. Our experts can help you navigate and prepare to better your position in the long-run.

The EHS due diligence process begins long before you start even thinking of site assessments: it begins with your investment thesis, considering various industry targets, locations, and regulatory topics that can influence your position as a buyer or seller, and influence your expectations on how you will run the business post-acquisition.

Setting You Up for Continued Success During Due Diligence

We want to set you up in the best position with the most knowledge about a business so that you can make the right decisions and have a competitive advantage during the deal process. Our expertise spans industries and the globe – we are poised to help you design your investment thesis long before due diligence begins. Antea Group will provide you with helpful industry insights, benchmarking reports and information, and target selection and evaluation support, depending on your needs pre-due diligence. When developing your target list and designing your investment thesis, we believe you could find tremendous value in our deep bench strength and extensive segment-specific knowledge. This, coupled with our transaction experience – having been involved with of hundreds of segment-specific deals – we can help guide your decision-making process.

With You Throughout the Entire Process

When you involve Antea Group early on, you are ensured an expedited due diligence process that is focused, stream-lined, and designed around your investment thesis. Our mission is to stand with you throughout the entire acquisition process, characterizing the target, protecting your downside risks, identifying upside value, assisting with deal-crafting, and participating in negotiations at the deal table.

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