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EHS and Sustainability Value Creation
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Ongoing EHS and Sustainability Value Creation

The EHS due diligence process often focuses only on the downside risks, addressing items such as subsurface contamination liabilities, health and safety issues, or permitting and compliance issues. At Antea Group, we understand that characterizing a target for acquisition should not only protect your downside but also help you focus on potential upside value, post-acquisition.

Creating Value and Improving Profitability

We want to help you screen your acquisition targets for value creation through EHS branding and sustainability initiatives. Companies invest in sustainability for a reason – because they understand it creates value for their business. When you are evaluating a business (whether buying, selling, or merging) we can find areas to improve profitability by focusing on areas such as facility optimizationenergy managementproduct stewardshipwater stewardshipsupply chain optimization, social sustainability, and other areas related to overall environmental and social sustainability management.

The landscape of transparency and reputation around sustainability is rapidly changing. With consumers, clients, and even governments driving requirements into where products come from and how businesses operate, we understand how important sustainability is to your business. Our experts take time to understand your current position and help you create a plan for what should come next with the potential targets you are evaluating for acquisition.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

Making the business case for sustainability and associated value creation can be difficult, and even more so within the context of a due diligence program. We are here to help every step of the way. Through our Accounting for Sustainability services, we can help you understand what is materially important when looking at potential value creation opportunities.

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