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Compliance, Safety and Phase I Audits at 21 Locations for a Petroleum Marketer
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Compliance, Safety and Phase I Audits at 21 Locations for a Petroleum Marketer


The client was engaged in a large portfolio asset transaction and required Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and regulatory compliance audits conducted at 21 facilities to evaluate the condition of each facility related to regulatory compliance and potential Recognized Environmental Conditions. These facilities consisted of petroleum bulk plants, industrial facilities, fueling/transfer stations, and warehouse facilities in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.


Antea Group compiled applicable environmental and safety requirements for each facility. This included on-site inspection and review of each facility’s compliance with applicable local, state, and federal EHS rules and regulations, including permit compliance and Department of Transportation (DOT) hazardous materials regulations. We also conducted on-site audits, facility representative interviews, and regulatory records research/review. 


Antea group submitted a detailed report to the client that included findings, a summary of Recognized Environmental Conditions and, if warranted, recommendations for Phase II ESA work and an estimated budget. The asset transition was completed without incident, meeting the client’s expectations for a successful project.  

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