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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Two Oil & Gas Companies

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Two Oil & Gas Companies


Antea Group was brought on by two oil and gas clients to support the development of an inaugural greenhouse gas emission inventory. The goal was to collect information related to fuel and energy usage across company operations, then use the information to calculate emissions for which each client was responsible.  

For the first client, the impetus was executive leadership-driven – likely influenced by major investor pressure, customer pressure, and a general desire to understand the company’s environmental impact. For the second client, there was a desire to publish information about the company’s environmental impact through an inaugural sustainability report and press release. 


The Antea Group Carbon Services team is experienced in working with clients to understand operational nuances that impact and drive fuel and energy usage. The team worked with both clients to help identify the type of data to be collected, support the collection of source data, aggregation of source data, and finally the calculation of greenhouse gases using source data.  

For the first client, the process of data collection took approximately five months including two months of back and forth with the client to develop estimation methodologies to fill in gaps in the data where actual usage data was unavailable. We needed to collect data from numerous sources as data is not currently collected in a central way. For the second client, the process took approximately two months. Their data was slightly more mature, meaning it was easier for the team to access the information via centralized databases. The difference in timelines is mainly due to the size and operational footprint of the companies. While one is a fully domestic downstream company, the other has both midstream and downstream operations and is located both domestically and internationally. 

For both client’s we worked directly with a core group of team members to collect the source data. We met weekly with the team to identify challenges with data collection and ensure the quality and completeness of the collected data. 


For both clients, we completed their greenhouse gas inventories and provided summary presentations which the clients were able to use to socialize the results internally. Both clients now have a comprehensive, auditable greenhouse gas inventory to use for reporting, responding to stakeholder questions, setting emission reduction targets, and establishing an emission reduction strategy.  

For one client, the completion of the inventory led to a second, more substantial project to support the client with establishing their company-wide emission reduction targets and developing a low-carbon transition plan (i.e., a high-level plan that identifies and quantifies opportunities for emission reductions across the footprint). 

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