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Management System Structure Support for an Oil and Gas Service Company

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Management System Structure Support for an Oil and Gas Service Company


Antea Group received a request from a new client to support in their decision-making for the establishment of a centralized versus decentralized corporate environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management structure. The client, formerly a holdings company, has acquired smaller specialized companies in recent years and has struggled to determine which type of management system and structure would best suit their ever-growing business.

The client also requested that Antea Group conduct a gap assessment of their current management system plan (MSP) to determine if the layout and content of the plan were clear and that the plan would be effective when implemented. The assessment would ensure compliance with applicable federal regulatory requirements.


Antea Group conducted a literature review of peer-reviewed articles related to the benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of centralized versus decentralized EHS management systems and structures across different company types. The literature review deliverable consisted of a summary of each article and key quotes that either confirm or conflict with the success of the implementation of each type of system. A comparison summary between the two types of management systems was also provided to show a clear delineation between the advantages and disadvantages of each type to aid in their decision-making process. 

Antea Group reviewed the existing MSP and provided the client with a high-level gap analysis of the plan. The deliverable consisted of a list of forty-five findings and recommendations for the modification and enhancement of the plan.


The client provided very positive feedback in the clarity and usability of the deliverables and explained that the results assisted in the organization’s decision to move forward with the implementation of a structured management system. Antea Group quickly received another request from the client to review an existing EHS manual table of contents and to develop applicability and training matrices to assist the organization in more efficiently managing the EHS programs for each company within the organization. 

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